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Here are a few thoughts regarding my experience purchasing Madam/Maddie… I did something that most people would think was crazy. I bought a horse, sight unseen, 2500 miles away, from an on-line auction. I am not a financially careless person. Nor am I a horse trainer or a horse trader. I am a middle aged woman who likes to trail ride on well trained, safe horses. I am acquainted with Pete and Jill Houck through a friend who purchased a horse that they had consigned to the Diamond-McNabb Sale in 2020. That horse has been everything, and more, that the Houck’s promised. When I saw this mare offered in the June 2023 Hot Summer Sale from Designer Horse Sales, she looked and sounded perfect. But don’t they all? Jill told me that she knows the owner of the horse personally, says she thinks this horse would be a good fit, and encouraged me to call the owner of the horse. After talking with the owner throughout the afternoon, I felt like I wanted to bid on this horse. I have been to a number of auctions, auctions of all kinds, but never an On-Line ONLY auction except eBay. Seemed risky and potentially disappointing. If you’ve ever purchased something on eBay, or tried to, you know how someone out there can wait until the last second to post a bid, thereby not allowing you any time to bid again before the auction ends. Designer Horse Sales has addressed that. If you are outbid in the last moments, 2 more minutes are added, giving you time to think about it, and increase your bid if you so desire. I was successful in purchasing this mare, and I cannot say enough good things about her. She is everything the owner said she was, even better. I have not discovered one thing about her that was misrepresented. I would have no reservation, no hesitation, in purchasing a horse from Designer Horse Sales.   Nancy White Idaho

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