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Our Mission

We want you to have an enjoyable and easy buying or selling experience!!
We know firsthand how challenging it can be to find that perfect fit for your wife or husband to take on the trails or for your kids to learn to ride on or to get you to that next level of competition in the arena. We know because we are a family of horse people as well. When we shop for horses, we want to see them represented honestly for better or worse and that is the standard we are holding the horses to in this online auction. We are keeping the bar set high! The online auction is an outstanding solution to see those horses from the comfort of you home. We want you to utilize today technology; watch the videos, and then watch the videos over and over again, request more videos from the consigners if you need, examine the pictures thoroughly, talk with the consigners, have them facetime you the horse and anything else you can think of. Our consigners want to see

About Us

Our lives have revolved around horses since we were big enough to get a ride on our Dad’s back on the living room floor. Jill has shown horses her entire life, her trophy room is packed full of awards from the local, state and national level, in junior, high school, intercollegiate and the professional level. Jill knows how to win, and has given many clinics over the years! Pete has spent the better part of his life studying horses, training and selling horses has been the focus for him the last 25 years. Pete is also a certified farrier and that has given him the opportunity to work with veterinarians and expand his knowledge of the horses. Our kids have been raised on ponies and horses, at a young age they know the value of hard work and the importance of honesty and integrity. Riding horses is an everyday family fun adventure, if you come to our place you are bound to find someone on a horse or doing something with a horse!!!!

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